“Kathryn Sanders is an exceptionally caring and thoughtful practitioner. She spends significant time asking questions and listening to me to deeply understand my needs.  And I know she is thinking about them even when I’m not there.  Her technique has been very effective for me.”         -David A.   Jackson Heights     Queens, NY

“I was nervous about starting acupuncture, but Western medicine wasn’t doing enough to help me, so I decided to try something else.  I’m soooooo glad that I did!  It has made all the difference in my life.   I needn’t have worried because Kathryn is a most caring, professional and competent acupuncturist.  Kathryn has tried to help me address some dietary issues which she felt could help me improve, in addition to the acupuncture treatments.  Kathryn immediately put me at ease and answered all my questions. While needling me, she is very focused and never rushes the treatment.  She has always been concerned about keeping me comfortable.  She is kind and gentle.  I truly feel that I have benefited as much from her compassionate attitude as I have from the treatments themselves.”           – Donna S.    Chelsea     New York, NY

“Over a period of four months, Kathryn Sanders provided me with weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine consultations for a challenging health issue.  Her utmost care and acute attention to detail were essential in my road to recovery and made her an excellent practitioner.  Furthermore, Kathryn is exceptionally personable and an extremely dedicated professional.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an acupuncturist/herbalist.”     -Brigitte H.    Carroll Gardens     Brooklyn, NY


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